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Spa de Vie Etiquette & COVID-19 Guidelines:


  • We will no longer be offering snacks or beverages to clients at this time 

  • Magazines have been removed from client and staff areas; brochures and business cards are available, however please do not touch them if you do not intend to take it with you 

  • Product testers are no longer available for client use  

  • Bathroom facilities will be available, however; we kindly encourage you to use your facilities at home before your appointment to minimize traffic. 


  • We have a maximum capacity of 2 clients in the storefront at all times to ensure proper physical distancing protocols; please stand at the door if another client is cashing out 

  • Clients are asked to use hand sanitizer upon arriving

  • High touch objects will be cleaned regularly using standard surface cleaning protocols with the use of a hospital grade disinfectant. 

  • Guests looking to purchase retail items are required to ask staff members for any product off the display shelf

  • We will continue to have curbside pickup for customers; please call to place an order and when you arrive. A staff member will place your order outside the back door of the building

Staff protocols: 

  • Our staff  will be monitored for symptoms of Covid-19, and will not be in the establishment if they or any of their family members are unwell. 

  • All staff will be up-to date with infection prevention protocols relevant to provincial guidelines 

  • Spa de Vie will supply all staff members with the mandatory PPE to ensure we can provide a safe and effective service for clients and staff.  


  • By appointment only; please either book online or email

  • Limited hours and limited services in effect

  • By making your appointment, you are agreeing that you have no COVID-19, no symptoms, and have not been in contact with a person who has; you will be required to sign a liability waiver before each appointment.

  • You have quarantined yourself 14-days when arriving from another travel advisory hot spot provinces and countries.

  • Pick up appointment available for products and gift cards purchased by phone, or via email.


  • Please request online or email us  to reserve your appointment; All appointments booked will be placed in priority sequence and confirmed by a staff member.

  • Booking one to two weeks in advance is recommended to secure your best choice of appointment dates and times.


  • If you are unable to make your appointment and need to cancel, you must provide us with 24-48 hours notice. 


  • Please arrive at least five minutes before your appointment. Clients are required to call to inform us of your arrival. 905-862-3760

  • If you arrive late we will do our best to provide you with the best treatment possible in the time remaining for the booking you reserved. 

  • Please remember to give any gift card to our front desk prior to your appointment.

Please Note: 

  • Masks will be mandatory for guests receiving services. We encourage you to supply your own mask, but will be able to supply one to you if needed.

  • We kindly ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to minimize guest congestion; once you arrive for your appointment, please call us and we will let you know when you can come in   

  • We kindly ask for a minimum of 24-48 hrs notice of a cancellation if possible.   

  • Reduced hours of operation and staggered bookings will be in effect, including increased clean-up time between bookings to ensure our enhanced sanitation protocols are being met.  Guests will be asked to remain in the service room until the checkout station is open and they are guided to the front.  

  • All Clients will be subject to a thorough pre-screening questionnaire at the time of booking, and this will be reiterated verbally at check-in prior to your appointment 

  • We kindly ask that clients refrain from bringing in numerous personal belongings (i.e. purse, coat, hat, scarf, reusable bags, personal water bottles, phone etc..) and limit it to just the essentials



Gratuities are appreciated by our staff. We encourage Debit or Credit instead of Cash at this time.

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